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Veterans Law Clinic Director to Participate in Live Teleconference CLE on Veterans Benefits

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Veterans Law Clinic

Veterans Law Clinic Director to Participate in Live Teleconference CLE on Veterans Benefits

On Wednesday, May 16th, Veterans Law Clinic Director and Associate Professor Justin G. Holbrook will speak as part of Live Telephonic Continuing Legal Education Seminar put together by the Rossdale Group titled “Mastering Veterans Benefits, Social Security & Disability Law.”

Professor Holbrook, who will speak for approximately thirty minutes, says, “This has been a busy year for the Veterans Law Clinic, and I’m pleased that Rossdale CLE turned to the Veterans Law Clinic for our expertise in veterans benefits. As more and more of our veterans return home with disabilities, legal organizations across the country are stepping up to help. I’m thrilled the Veterans Law Clinic is able to be part of that.

“My presentation will focus on how to help disabled veterans apply for and receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. It’s an area of law that remains a mystery to most practitioners, despite the overwhelming need for disability benefits attorneys.”

Holbrook also points out that with nearly 1.3 million of the 2 million service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan separating from the military and nearly half of those individuals filing disability claims with the VA, there is a need for attorneys willing to represent veterans seeking the benefits.

“For the past year, the Veterans Law Clinic has been extremely active in building a network of pro bono attorneys willing to represent disabled veterans,” he says, adding, “We’ve conducted both local and national CLE programs, worked hand-in-hand with practicing attorneys in both corporate legal departments and law firms, and greatly expanded the number of veterans in the Delaware Valley region who now have ready access to legal representation for their disability benefits claims.”

“Mastering Veterans Benefits, Social Security & Disability Law” will take place from noon to 1:30 p.m. EST. Those interested in participating should visit the Rossdale Group’s site to register.